We hope that you get the required information about our company “B&B International Trade Co.” from the following provided information in order to have the opportunity of working together:

Our company B VE B DIŞ TİCARET A.Ş. It was established in Ankara in 2015. Our basic principles are the respect that we have for our work, the meticulousness of our work, the best service to our customers, and a solid and low cost business with high quality. B VE B DIŞ TİCARET A.Ş., which has adopted the principle of gaining customer satisfaction by offering the best quality service under the most economical conditions. responds to the needs and demands of companies with its expert staff. B VE B DIŞ TİCARET A.Ş., which started off with the principle of speed and quality. It is taking firm steps towards becoming a leading company in its sector by incorporating the SMS FOOD INDUSTRIES ROMANIA S.R.L chicken paws processing factory on 07.06.2019 without compromising respect and tolerance in its international services.

Our Ankara-based Factory in Romania;
Constructed on 17,000 Square Meters of Land, all owned by our Company in Mangalia Town of Constanta;
-500 square meters office and administration department,
-4,938 square meters chicken paws processing and production department,
– 1 unit – 40 shocking rooms,
– 2 -18 storage rooms,
– Total: 300 tons cold storage,
– 450-500 tons monthly processing and production capacity,
– 6 administrative staff central office based in Ankara
– 5 administrative staff
– Serves our valued customers with 100 experienced production staff.

Perfectness Policy

Nowadays, supply chain is a fatal part of management business. Supply chain is an important component of SERVICE concept. Purchasing of goods and services has been developed depending on developing of economic conditions.

The increase in worldwide trade amount due to globalization, increase in use of foreign resources and as a result of change in production facilities, supply chain has been an important factor. Liberalization of international trade and distribution of production and demand centers of products all over the World has played an important role in its development.

Our Vision

B&B International Trade Co. Has been placed in supply chain choices of our country. Educated human resources of our company and presenting required solutions for the customers have made them reach the right and low prices and the best service with respect to their competitors.

B&B International Trade Co. has provided optimum solutions with its own human resources to its customers’ requirements.

Our Mission

Innovator, taking pleasure of serving its customers, alternative solution provider using technological background of our personnel in increasing customers’ economic benefits